Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

- John F. Kennedy

We were big data before it became "Big Data"

For over 15 years, our business solutions for enterprises were focused on acquiring, transforming and presenting massive volumes of data using methods that unlock its potential. We got our start in 2002, in telecommunications, and have expanded to become a global innovator across a multitude of industries including telco, finance, health, utilities and travel. Today, we are known as the world’s fastest Big Data integration engine.


Our leaders innovate, collaborate, take prudent risks and reward commitment to the customer. Our mix of pioneers, visionary technologists, and industry leaders are a rock-solid foundation for us to build on, and help our customers innovate faster, work smarter, and most of all, experience unparalleled success.

Global Board

Ergad Gold

"The first time I saw CR-X, I knew it was something special."

Robert Beck
Chief Executive

"People who see and buy CR-X, change their belief in Big Data"

Joe Galvin
Chief Executive - North America

"Every organization has a mission to deliver a great customer experience, that's why we do what we do, and we do it great."

Sean Erickson
Non-Executive Director

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Chris Luxford
Non-Executive Director

"I live to help people and companies exceed their potential through courageous shifts in mindset, beliefs, and behaviors."

Noel Pettitt
Non-Executive Director

"I believe in data driven decision making."

Australian Team

David Wilson
Chief Technology Officer

"Technology is a friend and no challenge is too great."

Anna Volovnik
Chief Financial Officer

"Numbers count with CR-X"

Gus Sharples
Chief Data Architect

"Throw me a challenge and I'll use CR-X to nail it."

Robin Brown
Pre-Sales Executive

"Providing insights from all the data."

Poppy Wilson
Head of Global Customer Delivery

"I am passionate about creating the best solution the first time"

Stephen Haddy
Program Manager

"All data should be preserved securely, safely, and irrefutable to provide answers to questions we have not yet thought to ask."

North American Team

Pallavi Pewekar

"Building an organization for success, requires a strong culture where you can trust everyone to do the right thing - a team aligned behind a vision can move mountains!"

Edward Clark
VP - Strategy & Customer Success

“A robust strategy ensures organizations are working on the right things; a strong culture ensures our people are doing it the right way. CustomerView enhances client cultures!”

Brad Richards
VP - Channels

"I want to share the amazing capabilities of CR-X with our partners."