Blindingly fast data acquisition.

We are the world's fastest big data platform, from ingestion to providing end-user business intelligence.

The CR-X engine reads what no-one reads or understands. More than a processor, our flagship software product promotes rapid application of development, very fast runtime speeds and unattended ‘lights out’ operation. The product is written using 100% pure Java, deployable on almost any platform. CR-X collects, ingests, transforms, curates and transports massive data volumes, at speeds over 100,000 mixed format records per second per core. We support down-stream applications, data repositories, analytics engines and visualisation tools. These include operational business intelligence, real-time dashboards middleware message brokering and complex event processing.


Ingest data from dozens of different third-party data providers, collaboration tools, and internal systems.


Continuously cleanse, dedupe, and normalize your data in real time to maintain complete, accurate data sets.


Enrich your data with new information, fill in missing values, and segment your database to your exact specifications.


Synthesize data from multiple internal and external sources and consolidate this data into a single, comprehensive view.


Powerful, scalable transformation is a core feature, not an add-on. So is a simpler interface to keep developers focused on your needs, not learning a new language. We use “point and click” and “pick lists” to ensure solutions are timely. Our approach allows developers to define it all – data fields, processing, scheduling, and output – without hand-holding.


When more processing power is needed, there is no disruption. Just add more cores, or more CPUs. CR-X has been deployed in numerous projects demanding secure continuous handling of terabytes of data and billions of records/messages without failure.


Physical or virtualized platforms, on premise, public cloud, data centers, or at the network edge, or a mix, we are more than capable.


Finally, your security team will be happy to know CR-X has access control and data encryption at its heart. The sophisticated monitoring and auditing facilities provide a trail of who or what has been accessing the data. Users can work confidently knowing their environment is secure, access-controlled, using encryption techniques consistent with the most stringent standards set by the health industry, financial services and national security.

Our continuous improvement philosophy is focused on improving speed, capability and user-experience. Talk to us.