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Our global innovation engine spans many industries, including telecom, finance, health care, utilities and travel. Our value extends beyond information technology to customer service, sales, marketing, finance, and the C-Suite.

Customerview®-Customer Experience (CX) Analytics

For years, the world has relied on sampling to measure compliance and customer satisfaction. It no longer works, is capital-intensive, sample based, and a provider-governed solution. CustomerView® captures every customer interaction to measure compliance, productivity, call resolution and customer sentiment – to the individual caller and agent. CR-X, CustomerView® is the most advanced Omnichannel Customer Analytics system bar none. We spot trends, improve performance, identify hot topics, and gauge sentiment. Forget projecting whether campaigns, or agents, or channels are performing – know.

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Deep Packet Inspection

We turbocharge network management, by providing thorough, comprehensive administration services including fault analysis, performance management and quality of service. Our platform performs deep packed inspection (DPI) without the need for specialised hardware or expensive one-off projects.

Business Systems Migration

Moving to a new business application, but dreading the move? We provide enterprise customers with a safe means to migrate long-term business investments in legacy applications to contemporary cloud and SaaS platforms. Our tool set can handle migrating mid-range, mainframe and distributed systems to the Cloud, overcoming the challenges of collecting, processing, optimising and transfer.

Health Services

Our HIPAA-compliant platform can support digital health initiatives, e-health portals, or legacy system simplification. We can help you integrate other primary care providers, or develop a more reliable connection to payers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Enterprise customers with IoT and M2M Platforms find we can help them scale and remain platform-agnostic. Our security, simplicity and infrastructure allow customers to focus on developing IoT that delivers value cost-effectively. Not only that, system integrators and telecommunications providers and suppliers are also harnessing the power and flexibility of CR-X. CR-X lives in the cloud, on premise and on the edge.

Revenue Assurance

For Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water) and Telco’s worldwide , CR-X ensures that all billable network events and all charges make their way to the customer’s invoice. Our unique ability to emulate the business rules of core systems provides the means of a 100% comparative audit of filtering, classification, conversion, rating and aggregation. We help our enterprise customers beat the industry-expected 12% revenue leakage. This translates to improved methods of profit, revenue and cash flow.

Fraud & Money Laundering Detection

Fraud schemes are getting more sophisticated by the dat. With CR-X data mining and matching tools, trillions of transactions can be searched to spot patterns and detect fraudulent transactions. We offer expert tools for banking and financial sectors, insurance, government agencies and law enforement. CR-X is being used as the principal data collection and ingestion platform for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) developed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Real-time and On-line Analytics

We create valuable analytics whether in massively distributed or centralised environments, at the speed you require. WE collect, cleanse, pre-process, optimise and supply data for downstream platforms, or ours. We are not source or data type limited.