Energy Retailer
July 17, 2018
Large Telcom
July 17, 2018

Media and Communications


A tier 1 Communications and Media enterprise with extensive broadband, mobile, and video offerings.


The Utility required analytics on:

  • The company needed to adapt a platform that was originally developed for fraud detection in the financial services industries to process and detect rated transactions fraud.
  • Existing ETL solutions already operational within the carrier were examined and found to be wanting in both functionality and performance.
  • A particularly onerous requirement was to enhance each transaction with up to date originating party account details – obtained from a maintained customer reference table containing tens of millions of rows.


Using the rapid configuration capability of CR-X, a proof of concept configuration demonstrating the core functional requirements was developed in seven working days.

The complete CR-X solution interfaced to a number of applications in the company’s billing process was developed over a period of three months by the systems integrator with professional support and training by CR-X.

As the detailed design progressed, a significant number of new requirements were identified. The ability to rapidly reconfigure CR-X enabled these functional changes to be easily addressed.

The fully operational system that was delivered has now had nearly three years of 24×7 processing…

handling tens of millions of transactions daily with negligible support and reliability issues.

The CR-X performance has been so well accepted by the client that a major functional enhancement to manage higher volumes, intelligent filtering and real time user configuration environment has been specified.