Media and Communications
July 17, 2018
The Data Scientist’s best friend
July 18, 2018

Large Telcom


One of Australia’s telecommunications carriers offering fixed line, broadband, pre and post-paid mobile voice and data products along with cable and satellite television


The Carrier required better insights to:

  • Monitor Customer Experience
  • Understand customer’s viewpoint from an end-to-end experience
  • Map end-to-end customer experience from first customer contact “through” to service fulfillment and first bill
  • Identify key experience metrics through the end-to-end process
  • Enable continuous improvements


CR-X was configured to collect feeds from every customer touch point, On-line, SMS, Chat, Contact Centre and Shop (Point-of-Sale).

CR-X also connected to customer billing history, and activities in the orders, provisioning and activation systems.

CR-X “stitched” together every element of every interaction as experienced by the customer in time sequence.

Enquiries commenced on the Website and followed up in either the Contact Centre or a Store could be correlated.

When transactions started to flow through either the billing or orders systems, these events could be appended to the interaction records and present a complete end-to-end view of the transaction or episode.

These complete interactions or episodes could then be grouped, either by service type, customer segmentation or channel.  The data could then be viewed in summary format or in drill-down mode for root cause analysis of individual customer experiences.

The summarizations were displayed in dashboards with thresholds, SLA and KPI scores.  This helped to visualize ongoing performance and highlight operational glitches and processes due for improvement.