Stephen Haddy

Stephen heads up CR-X multiple global projects. He has more than 25 years’ IT experience, first as head of a successful Australian software R&D company which designed, built and supported business, legal, manufacturing and engineering software. Five developed products were first of a kind and had global sales penetration. Stephen has also worked in the Health Industry as CIO of Mercy Health, where he introduced possibly Australia’s first integrated Medical Record across 26 facilities - from Acute and Maternity to palliative and community care. Stephen also spent time with Australian Red Cross Blood Service and has been a Principal consultant for 8 years with SMS M&T.

Stephen also headed Telstra Health as CIO, developing a disruptive whole of health ecosystem and achieving ISM certification.

The constant thread in Stephen’s background is the collection, protection and availability of data in a manner that preserves the organisations corporate memory and makes its data available to provide information to help guide the future.